David Hockney Said

Blame it on Hockney it was his idea,
…you can go anywhere in your head,
to the end of the universe…
you don’t need a space suit, just set off.
It’s not easy, think of the first obstacle,
possessive Earth reluctant to let go,
tightening her girdle of gravity,
much pulling and tugging to escape.
Then zoom past Her Serenity Lady Moon,
no time to look around her dark side,
for the man who hides there.

Sliding past Mars, look what’s ahead
The spiteful asteroid belt.
Thread a path through the gas giants,
managing to avoid Jupiter’s red, roving eye.
Can’t be a Saturn tourist,
nor linger over Uranus and Neptune,
or even poor Pluto,
now deemed too small to be a planet.
Oh come on, no time for sympathy,
there’s a whole Universe waiting,
Let’s get out of the Milky Way Galaxy,

Sneak a look at the Horsehead Nebula,
as you jink by Orion.
Skid through clouds of astral dust,
strew from exploding Super Novae.
Speed up and down the dips and troughs,
in the space time continuum,
riding the biggest, ever Roller Coaster.
The distances are getting greater,
no wonder stars cluster in groups,
lonely, lonely, out here,
in this time before time.
And where will the end of it be,
still ahead,or way, way behind, should I go on.

It could be a Möbius strip,
and I will meet me,
somewhere along it.