Eighteen Hundred and Eighty Today

Oh Hadrian did you ever wonder,
how long it would last.
When you drew up the plans,
gave the orders, sent the Legions North.
Beyond the regulating borders,
did you ever wonder?
Your time had passed, when they all left in retreat,
calling it a strategic withdrawal.
Rome strengthening its walls against the marauders.

Your Rome is long gone,
but this, tonight, you would know.
The length of it, parts missing.
The line of it, breached.
Tonight, this, the wall, will be celebrated.

You have never been forgotten,
and your wall, in your name,
will be its own birthday cake,
with candles agleam from end to end,
The shades of the Legions thronging,
wishing the wall a Happy Birthday.
Then blowing out the candles, with a sigh.