Endearing Young Charms

I will count the ways
I love you,
Lying beside me,
beautiful in your structural ingenuity.

I love the shape of you
carved in Ivory bone,
each specific to its place,
designed for its function.
Your Tibia Fibula Femur,
strong and sturdy,
to bear the weight,
of pelvis, spine, ribs, skull.

I love your hands and feet,
all their one hundred and six
delicate bones.
Though I love them, they may not love me,
With too much movement,
tiny bones will become lost,
between tangled sheets.

No more can my arm rest
across ribs, that guard still
the empty cavity of your chest.
While your Humerus, Radius, Ulna,
cannot enfold,
I do not love them less.

Head raised on hand,
I gaze at unseeing sockets,
in your shapely skull.
Only gleaming white teeth
hint of the handsome face.

There are many ways I love you,
but I cannot dare to sleep.
For when I woke
your skeleton would be broken,
and I have lost the template.